The Mid Atlantic Fund

The Best Investment Products

  • Simple, Safe, Predictable, Hands off investing for the most consistent income
  • Flexible investment amounts starting at $50,000
  • Ability to add to your investment on a monthly basis
  • Best for those new to commercial lending or desire a hands off investment
  • Interest distributed monthly
  • Choose a fixed return ranging from 8% to 10% APY
  • Earn interest for entire investment period with no payment gaps.
  • Defined investment terms from 2 to 4 years
  • Liquidity options after only 12 months
  • No single property or single deal risk
  • Investment is distributed across all Fund assets
  • Includes access to our credit default insurance fund
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Direct Deal-by-Deal investing with our Asset Manager

  • Ideal for larger experienced investors and corporate investments who want to maximize their potential income
  • Investment amounts starting at $500,000
  • Actual investment size and timing options dependent on deal availability
  • Investment terms and liquidity is tied to maturity terms of specific involved projects
  • Typical Investment terms of 6 to 18 months
  • Best for those with real estate or lending experience
  • 8% to 11% APY interest distributed based on specific project loan terms
  • Highest yield options but may require some investor involvement
  • Become a direct lender on title
  • Servicing agent doing all origination, processing, and billing under servicing agreement

Lending Products and Capital Solutions

Real Estate Secured Lending


  • Residential New Construction Loans
  • Residential Renovation Loans
  • Residential and Commercial Lot Acquisition Loans
  • Residential and Commercial Land Acquisition Loans
  • Early and Mid Stage Residential Land Development Loans
  • Bridge Capital for Income Property Acquisition and Seasoning Requirements
  • Cash-out loans on owned real estate for use on related projects or new ‘cash’ property purchases
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Secured Business Capital


  • Secured working capital
  • Inventory and receivable factoring
  • Advances on purchase order contracts
  • Capital distributions on future contingencies fees or other receivables for professional services companies
  • All loans are made to the most highly qualified entities
  • All require a personal guarantee from owner(s) and/or partner(s)
  • All require collateral equal to at least 3 times the lent amount.