What We Do and How We Do It

Mid Atlantic Secured Income Fund LLC is a private debt fund. We raise capital and then lend this capital to high quality, industry leading, local companies in the four ways described just above. The loans are always secured by real, tangible collateral with huge        equity cushions. Our borrowers pay us interest on these loans every month and we pass that interest on to our investors.                 Safe, Simple, Secured…

Real Estate Construction Financing

We lend to builders, licensed contractors, and other real estate experts for new construction, expansion, and renovation projects. We make commercial loans to businesses on both residential and small commercial properties so the owner may improve it value and sell to the end user.

Land Acqusition & Development Lending

We also offer capital for developers to acquire and complete early state development on single and multi-lot residential development projects. We will hold the note until vertical construction is ready to begin and either convert it to a construction loan or allow another lender to take the project forward.

Short Term Bridge Loans

If secured properly we are able to provide bridge financing for just about any reason. Real Estate development is a capital intensive business. Our Bridge product can keep home builders and investors moving forward and give them an advantage in a highly competitive market.

Business Capital Receivables and Invoice Factoring

Many businesses have contracts, invoices, or receivables that promise future payment for goods, services, or costs that are incurred today. This creates a cash flow dilemma for growing businesses. Our Factoring product gives businesses the ability to unlock that capital for immediate use in the business.

Managing Risk is our Top Priority!
We never forget that - the return of your money is more important than the return on your money

Mid Atlantic Secured Income Fund’s investment objective is to provide a high level of current income to it’s unit holders. However, our #1 priority is preservation of investor capital. In other words, DON’T LOSE MONEY.  We go to great lengths to minimize risk in our professionally managed debt portfolio.  The obligations are diversified across many different borrowing entities, geographic locations, sizes, lengths, purposes, and loan types. Managing concentration risk in any of these areas is always on our mind. Additionally, have  sufficient loss provisions in place that can be drawn from in the event any of the outstanding obligations failed to perform as contracted. These provisions act as an insurance policy against write-offs.  But most importantly is the value of our underlying collateral that exceeds any money lent. Currently every $1.00 that is owed to The Fund is backed by $1.60 or more in collateral.  

Saftey in Numbers - Time Tested Model

Since 2009 we have completed 400+ full cycle debt transactions totaling more than $100 million with no losses. By doing short term loans with very low loan-to-values there is no incentive for default and either way we win! Limiting the portfolio to short maturities allows us to constantly adjust our investment model to adapt to the changing economic environment.

Due Diligence - Choose Wisely

It starts with lending to the best! We have a select group of borrowers whom we have curated over the past 2 decades. They are financially secure, time tested, and the best at what they do and where they do it. We then combine the best companies with the best projects. We review dozens of projects, properties, or opportunities for every one we place in the portfolio.

Real Collateral - Means True Security

Rule #1 – Don’t lose money………… Rule #2 – Remember Rule #1……. Here is how we do it. Every investment we make is secured by tangible collateral who’s value far exceeds the amount of our investment. If someone chose not to payback the loan we simply take position of the collateral. Since it’s worth so much more than the underlying investment this actually creates a windfall for the Fund. Thus turning every potential lose into a WIN!

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Mid Atlantic Senior Secured Income Fund, LLC is an alternative investment fund underwriting real estate related loans including senior secured credit, first mortgage loans, redevelopment loans in non owner-occupied SFR and commercial real estate.

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