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Discover Passive Income with Mid Atlantic

Are you yearning for passive income that outpaces traditional investment returns? The quest for financial peace often leads to pondering alternatives that can truly make a difference when replacing your salary with passive cash flow.  This is no small task; it would take nearly 1.6 million invested in 30-year Treasuries to replace the average US salary in 2023. While this seems like a daunting task, insiders know there are ways to do it for half as much!


The long-time secret of the 1% seems to be getting out. For years, the ultra-rich along with billion-dollar insurance companies and investment funds have understood the delicate balance between yield and risk. This is what has led them to focus on private mortgage-backed high-yield Notes to return amazing yields and be free from the volatility of the stock market. The genius part is that in case of a default, these experts know that they can at least sell foreclosed property to recoup their investment which offers amazing downside protection. 


However, recently a few specialty funds have opened to allow everyday investors access to this once closed off billionaire hack. The Mid Atlantic Secured Income Fund, for example, offers short-term real estate notes with impressive yields ranging from 8% to 10%. Transparency is a cornerstone of their approach, allowing potential investors to delve into the company’s track record, return history, and associated expenses.


Mid Atlantic Secured Income Fund boasts an impressive track record, since 2010 they have completed full cycle debt transactions totaling more than $100 million, and to date not one investor has lost money investing with them. The visionary behind this success is Nathan Larsen, the founder and CIO, with over two decades of experience in financial services.


Headquartered in Atlanta, GA they have facilitated financing for building or improving 500+ properties in Georgia, and the greater mid-Atlantic region. They have somehow assembled who’s who rock-star cast of team members who boast a collective experience of over 60 years of lending and risk management experience while working with some of the nation’s most prestigious financial institutions. 


Investors receive monthly interest payments throughout the investment period, and upon maturity, the full principal is returned. With investment terms starting as short as 3 months, investors benefit from flexibility in today’s dynamic financial landscape, allowing for withdrawals before maturity.


Mid Atlantic Secured Income Fund’s flagship offerings is the two-year note, delivering a fixed 9.5% annual yield. Imagine earning $9,500 in profits on a $100,000 investment, with no work to be done. For those seeking an aggressive yet asset-backed investment strategy, this could be the ideal opportunity.


Embark on your journey to passive wealth growth with Mid Atlantic Secured Income Fund’s high-yield real estate notes. Click here to explore investment opportunities with Mid Atlantic Secured Income Fund.