Lending Services

Short Term Loans

Traditional banks underwrite the customer. We underwrite the asset. Many times real estate developers need short-term capital to get their project off the ground and completed on-time and under budget. As a private lender, we have more flexibility in underwriting guidelines than traditional banks that have to abide by restrictive regulations and stress testing. 

Real Estate Development

We focus on working with main street, not wall street. Our clients are small to medium size real estate developers, attorneys, and business owners. Since the 2008-2010 “Great Recession” small business owners have been often overlooked by traditional commercial banks. We specialize in working with those clients. 

Small Business Capital

 Let us be your partner for your growing business. We provide start-up and working capital, inventory factoring and advances against contingencies and receivables for professional services companies. Contact us today to get started. 

We would love to help with your project and capital needs.

You can set-up an account, apply online, in-person, or via mail or fax. Our loan application process is streamlined with less paperwork that traditional commercial banks. 

Advisory Services

Fund Advisement

Although real estate is our core business, we have years of experience in other industries as well.  From commercial non-owner occupied residential real estate, automotive, specialty finance to consumer finance, inventory & receivable factoring, and small business working capital in the legal and healthcare industries, we have a solutions for your business. 

Real Estate Advice

Our proven model and analysis has weathered the storm thorough volatile economic cycles and credit cycles. We always do our own analysis on assets and do not rely solely on the real estate developer or appraiser estimate on future value. We take a conservative approach base our underwriting on a realistic intrinsic valuation.

Due Diligence & Consulting

Our due diligence process is thorough and concise. It is much easier to acquire or sell real estate portfolios when you have  very professional, accurate, and well organized due diligence package to present to large institutions. Trying to sell a portfolio of single family residence one by one can take forever and fees could be enormous. 

If you would like to discuss your real estate portfolio and how we can help manage it, please inquire below.

Mid Atlantic Advisory Group, LLC can help manage your real estate portfolio assets from a property management and asset management aspect giving your more time to focus on your core business. We offer due diligence services, audit, origination analysis, asset valuation consulting to make sure you are not over paying for your assets.